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Braces Care Guide

Congratulations on joining the family of people that wear braces. You will experience happiness and satisfaction during and after your treatment, as well as for the rest of your life. In order to ensure the best results from wearing braces it is important to properly care for them, as they are now a part of your body. In the event of a loose/broken wire or bracket, call our office immediately to schedule an appointment for repair. Braces are an advanced Orthodontic appliance that is sturdy and stable, but they must be treated with care. This requires you to eat foods that are gentle on the brackets and wires holding your braces together and in place. Generally, it is best to eat softer foods and avoid anything that may be hard, sticky, or chewy. Below is a detailed list of foods to avoid, as well as, recommended foods for our patients wearing fixed braces.

Examples of Foods to Avoid

Sticky and Chewy foods may get caught between brackets and wires.

Hard foods may break or damage wires and brackets.

Examples of Non-Food Items to Avoid

Nail biting, pencil and pen chewing, and chewing on foreign objects should be avoided.

Recommended Foods When Wearing Braces

Soft foods are best for anyone wearing braces, because they are gentler on your mouth hardware.

Maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet is important for your overall health. The healthier you are, the better the results of your orthodontic treatment, because a proper diet provides the essential nutrients to bones and tissues undergoing change. Minimize sugary foods, as they can cause tooth decay and other related problems. You may not enjoy avoiding the foods you like, but eating things that you're not supposed to might cause broken wires or brackets. This may end up being a painful experience and might actually prolong your treatment or lead to additional costs to you or your family.